Alocasia as a houseplant

The hip Alocasia / elephant ear / (giant) taro is a striking appearance in the living room and fits perfectly with your urban jungle. Tips for care and species are described in this article.

Hip eye-catcher for your interior
The Alocasia is a plant that has grown in popularity in the Netherlands in recent years. The plant is on almost every ‘Hip House Plants’ Pinterest list and is currently starring in many home magazines and magazines. That’s not for nothing. With its large leaves that resemble elephant ears (not for nothing as the nickname Elephant Ear), long stems and large appearance, this green rascal is a trendy eye-catcher that can easily be styled with today’s living trends. The Alocasia ‘Polly’ and the Alocasia Zebrina are particularly striking. And with a short manual you don’t need any expertise, experience or green fingers with this plant to enjoy your ‘elephant ears’ for a long time!
Alocasia varieties in interior with botanical living trend urban jungle

Care of Alocasia
So you don’t need to have green fingers to get and keep houseplants at home. There are very few plants that require special care. This is how you take care of the houseplant Alocasia:

Just give plants like the Alocasia a little water now and then. The elephant ear grows best in slightly moist soil. Stick your finger into the soil every now and then and water when the soil feels dry.
The Alocasia is also a plant that does well almost anywhere in the house. Even in less bright places in the room, so a little further away from sunlight, it remains beautiful for a long time. A place in the sun is preferable.

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