Cyclamen as a houseplant

The cyclamen houseplant (Cyclamen Persicum) is a root vegetable and very hot, especially during the winter months. Read how to care for the cyclamen and which varieties suit you.

From old-fashioned to hip pimped houseplant
Just like the sanseveria and the geranium, the cyclamen is also making a comeback. With a touch of nostalgia from the past in the trendiest style of today, cyclamen give you an exuberant and stylish feeling. Don’t mind the dusty image, with a cool macramé hanger or colorful pot, this houseplant is a real must-have!

General about the cyclamen
Cyclamen, Latin name Cyclamen Persicum, are powerful tuberous plants that grow on dry forest soil. They occur in the wild around the Mediterranean Sea, for example in Israel, Asia Minor and from North Africa to Somalia. They are characterized by their enormous zest for life, growth and flowering power.

The flowers appear in three to ten pieces at a time. In countless shades of white, lilac, pink, purple or red of your choice. The leaves are also a good thing: they feel silky soft, often have a beautiful pattern and a purple-colored underside.

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