With one-year climbers in the height

Climbing plants are good in any garden and on any balcony. If you go up with green, you quickly create variety.

Due to the colorful flowers and fast growth, annual climbers are attractive atmosphere makers on the balcony and terrace. Especially in newly landscaped gardens and on dull balconies, you can create a simple and direct atmosphere with vertical greenery.

Sowing and caring for annual climbers
You can sow yourself or buy annual climbing plants. Sowing annual climbing plants is easy and can be done until early June. Keep the soil moist and when the plant starts to grow, fertilizing once every 2 weeks is recommended. With annual climbers, also think about the support of the plants. Tie them with twine or wire. Or guide the plant along a rack.

Annual climbers with flowers
One-year climbers with flowers are for example Suzanne with the beautiful eyes and Nasturtiums. Less well-known is the Canary Cherry: just as easy a plant, but with a slightly different leaf shape and beautiful crested yellow flowers. Other annual climbing plants with flowers are the Sweet Pea (Lathyrus) and Bell bindweed (Cobaea).

Edible annual climbers
It is also nice to plant or sow edible annual climbing plants. Hops (Humulus) grow quickly and produce flowers that you can use to make tea. The flowers of nasturtiums are delicious in a salad.

Passionflower has beautiful flowers and tasty fruits. Ask the garden center about fruiting varieties (such as Passifloris edulis) and a self-fertilizing plant, or buy several plants that fertilize each other. With mild winters you have a chance that this plant will grow again the following year.

Cucumber or gherkin is a surprisingly nice climbing plant for your balcony or to give a pergola character. Choose a variety with mini cucumbers and harvest the fruits when they are small.

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